The largest private collection of LEGO®
in the world, listed
in the Guinness
Book of Records
Return to your childhood. Visit the 5 museums of LEGO, where you will find the largest private LEGO collection in the world in a space of more than 1000 m2.
You will find our hotel in Kutna Hora and a huge number of LEGO® bricks in every room. You can also visit a Museum of Bricks in the same building.
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You may know that Denmark is the birthplace of the world famous Lego kit. So how is it possible that the largest Lego collection in the world is not found there, but right here with us? Behind everything is one man and his unbridled passion for the colourful cubes we know so well.
His name is Milos Krecek and today we will tell you the story that led to the accumulation of 9000 exhibits consisting of about 10 million pieces. It also led to the opening of a total of five different museums where you can see the exhibits, which most likely make Miloš Křeček the biggest LEGO® collector in the world.

Museum of Bricks

Meet the founder
Miloš Křeček
Founder of the Czech Museum of Bricks
Miloš Křeček
My name is Miloš Křeček and I have been collecting LEGO® since I was a child.

I'm lucky that my family and friends support me in my passion, so my hobby could literally become a full-time job.
The Museum of Bricks is a way to share this joy with you. I believe that you will like it not only in one of the museums, but also in our hotel in Kutná Hora.
To this day, I take LEGO® with me on vacations, but you don't have to, because you'll find plenty of them in every room :)

I'm looking forward to your visit. GO LEGO!
Doporučuje navštívit
Museum of Bricks
A pile of LEGO blocks in every room and UNESCO monuments outside the windows a few metres away from the hotel. Great vacation with kids.
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