The story of Museum of Bricks
For centuries, artists have been looking for forms and tools to portray the ideas that the muses brought to them - oil, clay, stone, charcoal or spray paint. Artists tried to discover constantly newer and fresher formats for their art. Could a building block like this also work? The Museum of Bricks, which houses the world's largest collection of LEGO® in all five branches, is proof that breathtaking works of art can be created from a children's kit.
Over time, Miloš Křeček divided his collection of unprecedented dimensions into five branches of the Museum of Bricks in Prague , Kutná Hora , Poděbrady and Špindlerův Mlýn.

Currently, the Museums store a total of 6,751 different original sets, and every year they grow by another 300 models - not only new models, but also old models and various collectible rarities.
Miloš Křeček, the owner of one of the largest private collections of LEGO® in the world and the author of most of the exhibits in the Museum of Bricks, began putting his artistic vision into the legendary building blocks from his childhood. It all started with that fateful Christmas present at the age of five. He found a liking for the kit and over the years began to expand the collection. As a wedding present, he and his wife-to-be gave each other a rare piece of Lego, and on vacation they went to Denmark to flea markets to look for rare pieces hidden in piles of junk.
Private collector Miloš Křeček has accumulated more than 1,000 original LEGO® models at home over the years of diligent collecting, and it was clear that home display cases could not be enough for all the exhibits. The idea to found a private museum did not take long to come and was born in the middle of 2010.
But the Museum of Bricks is not only about foreign creations. We also place great emphasis on developing the creativity and playfulness of our visitors. For this reason, we have equipped each Museum with a play corner and a generously equipped shop, where visitors can find not only commonly available LEGO® building blocks, but also the mentioned limited editions and rare sets that are not sold anywhere else.
The LEGO® company releases hundreds of new models every year. These are common models, whose changing offer you can follow twice a year in the new catalogue.

However, in addition to classic LEGO® building blocks, they also produce a large number of limited editions and special promo sets for special events or important historical milestones.